About Teztees

Teztees is a design-first store dedicated to expanding the Tezos ecosystem through beautiful, fun design, and premium quality products! I am working to give the Tezos community new ways to help bring the Tezos name and symbol to the masses. Name and symbol recognition are key aspects of mass adoption because the path to success does not just require solid code development. Teztees aims to help supplement the solid code with solid visual design to inspire and entice others to join the ecosystem in unique ways and to help bring in more people who may not otherwise have heard of Tezos.

The number 1 priority for Teztees is creating and curating unique, interesting, beautiful, attractive designs on high quality materials. Care is important. Quality matters.

I started the @t3zos twitter handle pre-fundraiser to help ensure that people would stay safe from scammers looking to take advantage of good people. I also wanted to be a source of verified information about Tezos, taken from all areas of the world, so that anyone following the account could know they would be able to rely on that information. Like many of you, when I care about a project, I join in and work to be a part of what helps push things forward.

I believe in Tezos. I believe in the Tezos community.